DANZA+DESIGN and the Nike (RED) Campaign

So as you all may know (or not) I am working on a project (DANZA+DESIGN) with an AIDS center here in Milan. Please take a moment to look at the staggering numbers. AIDS is NOT just an African epidemic. Those of us who live in the “WEST” in big cities have a very dangerous misconception that we are safe… we’re not.

Also, learn and find out how individuals like ourselves from NYC to Milan to London are using their talents and creativity in the following video the new NIKE (RED) Lace Up To Save Lives Campaign.


A Band You’re NOT Listening to (But Should) Listen to HEALTH – USA Boys

Their sound is so brilliant, so spectral and captivating. Let me know what you think. They recently released their remixed album DISCO2 last month with the above single. Great album, check it out.

Round-and-there-back again: Turin, Italy (Torino!)

So I had a chance to visit this amazing Italian city right on the banks of the Po River in the Italian region of Piedmont. Italians refer to Turin as Torino (which means “little bull” in Italian) It really is in terms of people, art, museums, and culture , a world -class city.. Host to the XX Winter Olympics in 2006, one can still see remnants of the event dotting the city. My guide Rosa pointed out a few buildings, special fountains that was just erected for the Olympics and now being converted in other uses. It is also where the fabled Shroud of Turin is situated in at the SACRA SINDONE. The shroud is supposedly the piece of cloth that Christ was wrapped in after he was crucified. In fact did you know that 2010 marks the year that Pope Benedict opened the shroud for viewing? Truth.

#travelTip: Go into the Museo del Cinema located at the Molle Antoniellella (next to the University), take the elevator all the way to the top for dynamic aerial views of the city. Here is a link to my facebook album of my trip:


Piazza San Carlo
Piazza Castello – site of the Opening ceremonies for the Games
Piazza Vittorio Veneto – Out of all three main and biggest piazzas in the city (there are plenty), I liked this one the best, the piazza has these benches lined up, perfect for reading on a lazy Piedmontese afternoon.
Via Roma and Via Po
The Murazzi (located along the River, there’s a bunch of nightclubs down there and bars as well no matter what your scene is)
Museo del Cinema – When we went there was an exhibit on the “Celebrity as Rebel”…well Marlon Brando was the focus of the exhibit, but in our times, of course celebrity as rebel is best associated with Lindsay Lohan. (“FREE LILO!)
Tons of great restaurants, I recommend finding the HAFA Cafe for post dinner/desert drinks. This Moroccan-themed cafe sports low tables and serves up some really strong teas (try the ones with alcohol..so good!) and sweet deserts. You really feel as if in Marakech or CasaBlanca..well almost.

Like most cities in Italy 72 hours in one place isn’t enough to truly savor the place and see EVERYTHING, but I sure got close. That’s why I’m really deeming Turin as “the new Barcelona” for travellers. It’s up there! Okay until, next time and our next destination! Leave a comment if you must. hehe
Ciao everyone!

Introducing BulletandSnowfox. Listen to “Bad Days”

I’m going to keep this post short and let the music speak for itself. From my hometown of Los Angeles, CA BulletandSnowfox is a duo comprised of Josh and Kristen. I’m lucky enough to personally have danced and cut up the floor on 2 different projects with Kristen. Amazing dancer and friend. Trust. Love her..and even though I can’t come to their shows– they have one Wednesday at Crazy Girls in L.A.– I’ve been listening to their songs (electro-pop-rockY) on their Myspace– personal fave: “Bad Day” . Check IT kidz!!

Bad Days by bulletandsnowfox

excerpt from their myspace:”
“With Josh heading up the track writing and Kristen covering all things vocal, they have easily established a division of labor that gives the songwriting process an element of freedom that both had been so desperately looking for. With influences that span across the map from Siouxsie and the Banshees to Megadeath, they have developed an electro-pop-rock sound that is truly all their own.”

  • http://www.myspace.com/bulletandsnowfox
  • Alan’s Risotto alla Milanese

    So we had company tonight straight from London. (Welcome to Milan Damien!) And anyways, this dish, a regional Italian specialty dish, was passed down by Alan’s nonna to him and we made it for Damien’s welcome dinner (by Alan, not his nonna). Seriously, probably the best risotto I’ve had in a while, duh Otherwise we wouldn’t be blogging about it. Enjoy and share!
    Buon apettito everyone!

    2 handfuls of rice for each person
    1 onion (sliced)
    Half a glass of white wine
    4 cups of water + 2 boulion cubes dissolved in it
    Half a stick of butter
    1 teason of saffron
    Grated parmesan cheese

    Cut the onion into slices and brown it in oil , then add the rice and stir it for 2 minutes. Then add the wine and make it evaporate. Let the rice simmer for 20 mins. adding a ladle-full of water at a time. Remember to keep mixing it. Then add the saffron with another ladle-ful of water and cook over medium heat until the dish reaches a creamy consistency. Add grated cheese–as much/little as you like.

    Spaniards party it up in Central Milan.

    The three teams I was rooting for: Italy, England, and USA all made their exits rather early. (Italy, I’m quite disapointed, I was hoping for a 2006 repeat). Anyways, the 4th best thing was to root for Spain. Anyways, just wanted to share a few piccies I took while out shopping with my roommate on Sunday at Duomo. They were all pretty much gathered up next to the giant jumbotron where the Milanese watch soccer games. Yes, the Netherlands fans were out and about as well..but they weren’t nearly as loud and boisterous as the Spaniards. Go Spagna! Ole Ole




    Pinzolo, Italy: The International Dance Theatre and Musical Festival (part 2))

    chris bryan rone dance choreography dancer
    Above: rehearsing a drop on our knees.

    pt. 2. (This one is dedicated to all the new friendships. We may be from all over the world but at night we look up and stare at the same bright stars).

    So the current teachers and choreographers I will be working with all week- the schedule is PAaaacked, we pretty much wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, go to our first lesson/lab/lecture whatever at 9:30 with a break for what’s called pausapranzo (lunchbreak..it just sounds better in Italian) :
    1. Modern dance with Maestro Ricky Bonavita (from the Accademia Nationale Danza a Roma)

    2. Neoclassical with Maestra Grieco (also from the Accademia Nationale Danza a Roma)

    3. Maestra Corrazzo for Ballet and Intermediate Ballet Repertoire

    4. Hip-hop with Kris (he is one of the teachers for a popular TV show here in Italy)

    5. Advanced Lyrical and Choreography Lab with Artistic Director Luigi Grosso

    ..and then to top it all of Rehearsals with Luigi’s Company in the evening, Danza&Company Project

    I absolutely LOVE technique and re-learning steps and combinations I once studied and learning new ones. So it was a no-brainer that I would fall in love with both Maestra Grieco’s and Maestra Corrazzo’s classes. Both very excellent and challenging teachers.

    For myself, I feel absolutely at home within Luigi’s company and style- it’s lyrical, technical, passionate and emotive. I also forgot to mention how physically demanding it was. For example: quadruple turns in arabesque, land on the floor, slide, turn, then some sort of acrobatic work on the floor. I love getting physical with dance and I believe it was Billy Elliott that said: “some ballet dancers are as fit as athletes” (in his Liverpoolian accent – I made that word up).

    Most importantly, part of the experience itself is not only working on yourself, but also the friendships and camarederie (sp?) we’re making all week. Working in dance, you really become close to everyone you work with. We become vulnerable, we are putting ourselves out there for criticism. We are EXPOSED and at the end of the day, you get a glimpse of your dance-mates’ souls. There’s no hiding who you are and I think at the end of the day, the bonds you form with people are that more..genuine. There’s not a single one of us who doesn’t want IT and we all work hard towards that common goal..what this IT is deserves another blog entry.

    Anyways, next time, I’m going to re-cap the show and also post more pictures from our beautiful location in the mountains (we were literally in the Alps, absolutely gorgeous).

    ’til next time,